Hepatitis C

(14 Mar 2014)

Hepatitis C Entitlements

Where a person has contracted Hepatitis C from the administration within the State, of a contaminated blood or blood product, they are entitled, under the terms of the Health (Amendment) Act 1996 to be the holder of a HAA Card.  The HAA Card allows such persons, men, women and children access to a range of services including GP Services, Prescribed Drugs, Medicines and Appliances, Dental and Ophthalmic Services, Home Support, Home Nursing, Counselling Services and other services without charge. 

The HAA Card and the entitlements that are attached to it exist for the lifetime of the cardholder. 

For further information/assistance contact Maura or Susan of Transfusion Positive Tel: 6398855 

Hepatitis C Insurance Scheme 

In 2007 an Insurance Scheme was introduced by the State to afford to persons who are infected with Hepatitis C as a result of the receipt by them of an infected blood and/or blood product in this State, life assurance, mortgage protection cover and travel insurance, subject to certain limits. 

The Scheme operates so as to allow persons who are infected with Hepatitis C to obtain various categories of insurance, as above, without being penalised by way of additional insurance premiums/loadings because of their underlying Hepatitis C condition. 

This therefore means that an individual who takes out insurance under this scheme will only have to pay a standard premium to an approved insurer irrespective of other existing health/medical conditions. 

Further details regarding the implementation of the Hepatitis C Insurance Scheme can be obtained through the website operated by the Administrator at www.hepcinsurance.ie 

You can also obtain further information and/or assistance by contacting Maura or Susan of Transfusion Positive Tel: 6398855

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