Pyrite Resolution Act 2013

(14 Mar 2014)

The Pyrite Resolution Act 2013 was signed into Law on the 25th December 2013 and came in to force on the 10th January 2014. 

This act has provided for the establishment of the Pyrite Resolution Board (the “Board”) on a statutory basis. 

The Board has a number of functions which include inter alia:-

Providing information on Pyrite and Pyrite Damage. 

  • Devising an appropriate Pyrite Remediation Scheme. 
  • Assessing applications for inclusions in the Scheme and determining appeals that arise. 
  • Monitoring the implementation of the Scheme.


  • Providing quarterly reports on the Scheme. 

The Housing and Sustainable Community Agency (the “Housing Agency”) was established by the Minister to provide certain services in relation to housing to the Department of Environment Community and Local Government, various local authorities and other bodies. 

The Act provides that the Board may direct the Housing Agency to carry out amongst other functions:-


  • Categorise dwellings in accordance with testing standards. 
  • Carry out such testing. 
  • Verify damage that is attributable to Pyrite heave. 
  • Prioritise dwellings affected in accordance with such available resources. 
  • Work with participants with the aim of remediation of the Pyrite heave. 

In October 2013 last The Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government, Phil Hogan, announced approval for the Pyrite Remediation Scheme in an amount of an initial  €10 million additional funding is hoped to become available in the course of the remainder of the lifetime of this Government. 

It is understood that up to a thousand homes that have been severely affected by Pyrite will benefit from the Scheme which will cover the costs of remediation and repair and where necessary, temporary accommodation requirements. 

The Board is now receiving online applications since  Wednesday 25th February 2014.

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